December 4, 2022  |  Second Sunday in Advent

Questions to Ponder: 
• How do I pastor the parish in hope?
• When darkness comes in my life, what is my first instinct?
• Do I lead my community into a holy mountain of reconciliation each Sunday?


December 8, 2022  |  Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Questions to Ponder: 
• How do I preach God’s new story week after week?
• Do I offer my consent to do the Lord’s will each day? How?
• Do I go to sleep counting my blessings or my difficulties?


December 11, 2022  |  Third Sunday of Advent

Questions to Ponder: 
• Do I allow the natural world to inform my prayer? How?
• Am I aware of the small gifts unfolding daily in the lives of others?
• What would it take to witness flowers bloom in my dryness?


December 18, 2022  |  Fourth Sunday of Advent

Questions to Ponder:
• Do I let the Gospel narrative convert me? How?
• Do I make a habit of re-reading familiar Scripture passages?
• How do I reckon my gift of apostleship?


December 25, 2022  |  Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

Questions to Ponder: 
• What draws me to God on this day of the Lord’s Nativity?
• How do I “testify to the light?”
• Do is see the beauty of Christ in all my parishioners?




January 1, 2023  |  Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Questions to Ponder: 
• Have you ever seen the Pietà? If so, what is your impression?
• Mary’s big part in God’s plan?
• Do you pray to Mary, the Mother of God?
• Prayer is truly not saying a lot. Why is that?


January 8, 2023  |  The Epiphany of the Lord

Questions to Ponder: 
• Are you certain you are devoid of prejudice?
• How do you live out your co-partnership with Jesus?
• Are you free of religious elitism?
• Do you believe that Christ is calling all toward a classless society?


January 15, 2023  |  Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• How do you relate to the suffering servant?
• Why did Jesus receive John’s baptism?
• When Jesus is called the Lamb of God, what do you think of?
• Would your neighbors know you are Christian by the way you treat others?


January 22, 2023  |  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder:
• Do you fully understand your call to mission? Explain.
• Why do we need to sever ties to others when we follow Christ?
• Why is unity so important to a follower of Christ?
• To what or whom do you still cling as a follower of Christ?


January 29, 2023  |  Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• Do you feel Jesus knows you? How, then, do you respond?
• Do you feel you live your daily life as a humble servant of the Lord?
• Which Beatitude speaks the loudest to you? Why?
• Has God chosen you as a follower because of your gifts or your unworthiness?




February 5, 2023  |  Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• What images today supplant salt and light?
• Do you equate your faith with your knowledge of the Faith?
• How do others know Jesus is your savior?
• If you were to give your belief in Jesus an image, would it be salt or light? Why?


February 12, 2023  |  Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• Do you believe that our faith allows many currents of thought?
• Can we live with a blend of the law of Moses and the law of Jesus?
• Does lying have a place in Jesus’ law?
• Do you find being gracious to others easy?


February 19, 2023  |  Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• Do you forgive others easily?
• How about when others fault us? Can we forgive them easily?
• If you became the best you can be, is this version of you the best one?
• Can you let go of a hurt and simply move on?


February 26, 2023  |  First Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• What does taking Lent seriously mean to you?
• What would good fasting look like for you this Lent?
• How do you avoid temptations in your daily life?
• How can you practice being godlike this Lent?


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