Statement from Bishop-elect David J. Bonnar

Thank you, Msgr. (Robert J.) Siffrin for the kind introduction and for your prayers and assistance over this last week. In the short time that I have known you, you have already become not only a trusted confidant but... Read More

Twelve Glances of Christmas: A meditation on the Incarnation

During these pandemic days, I have had space to listen closely to the sounds of the times. And they...

Preparing for Christmas as Missionary Disciples

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To Effectively Communicate the Gospel, Look Inward

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COVID-19: A pastor’s perspective

This Thanksgiving Day, remember the things God does for us

There is one in every parish. It is what might be called the right-hand man or woman who is... Read More

A Time of Humility and Grace

When the pandemic unleashed itself on our nation back in March of this year, my superior at Our Sunday... Read More

Slow Down, Stay Awake and Be Ready

Many years ago, there used to be a highway in the Greater Pittsburgh area that was unfinished. About 15... Read More

Blessed Michael McGivney, the Knights of Columbus and Rippling Effects

One of my favorite images is the pebble in the pond. If you take a pebble and throw it... Read More

In Dark Times, the Light of Faith Shines

Storms can be scary, especially for children. The crushing sound of thunder coupled with the streaking darts of lightning... Read More

Graces Flow through Interactions with the Homebound

There is an abundance of graces that come every day with being a parish priest. Many of these flow... Read More


The Challenges of Preaching

The more I preach as a priest, the more I come to appreciate how challenging it can be. I... Read More

Two Sides to Every Story

When I was in seminary, my grandmother — God rest her soul — called me one December morning to... Read More