Making the Most of Matthew

Since the reform of the liturgy after the Second Vatican Council, every three years the Sunday cycle of readings begins anew with Matthew’s Gospel. For those of us who regularly preach the Word, this may be a challenge. What... Read More

A Spirituality of Waiting

Are we good “waiters”? Our everyday experience of having to wait can be boring, annoying or stressful, far more...

Loyal Catholics

A parishioner recently told her pastor: “I watched the livestreamed Mass from our parish website this weekend. When the...

‘Urbi et Orbi’

Urbi et orbi is a Latin term meaning to the city (urbi) and to the world (orbi); the term...

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An Advent Inventory

Because marketers and malls began to hawk Christmas in August, I thought if they could extend the Christmas season... Read More

The Epiphanies of Life

Annually at the outset of the calendar year, midway through the liturgical season of Christmas, the Church celebrates the... Read More




‘Great Resignation’ and the Church

If the teenager does not show up for his/her shift at McDonald’s, someone else has to flip those burgers... Read More

Enter with Reverence

One of the joys of being a bishop is that I get to travel throughout the diocese and pray... Read More



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Waiting for God

A few years ago, I was asked to lead a pilgrimage to England, Scotland and Wales. Our itinerary was... Read More

Ten Commandments for Confessors

One of the greatest privileges of our priestly life is the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance. To serve... Read More