Priests as Leaders

Change occurs without leadership, but leadership does not occur without change. In fact, it is precisely the change that occurs without leadership that demands the attention of leaders. These are the environmental changes in a world that demand that... Read More

Ten Principles of Priestly Life

St. John Vianney (1786-1859) once said: “Were we to realize fully what a priest is on earth, we would...

Finding a Foundation: The Gift of Consecrated Life

How do the vows of religious priests help diocesan priests? When I was interviewing to become a Dominican, I...

The Story Behind the Cathedra

Entering the diocesan cathedral on the Rite of Election, a catechumen was heard to say, “Wow, look at that...

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The Priest as Chameleon

Each Christian is anointed as priest, prophet and king. Each priest is anointed and ordained with this same munera.... Read More

Extending Your Priestly Reach

Wouldn’t it be nice if we priests could extend our effectiveness in serving our parishioners by, perhaps, 40%? There... Read More




‘Wow-ing’ Guests with Hospitality

The COVID ordeal has added new urgency to the question that was already pressing pre-COVID: How do we get... Read More

Get to Work

This month I celebrate my 60th birthday. Tempus Fugit! There was a time when that number seemed so old... Read More



COVID-19: A pastor’s perspective

The Lord Guards Our Coming and Going

There is a beautiful line in the psalter found in the breviary that we pray as clergy that states,... Read More

Facing the Challenge of a Power Outage

When I arrived at my new parish in July of this year, we put a plan together for having... Read More

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