Forgiveness and Healing

In all of Scripture, arguably the most challenging teaching of Christ is the command to forgive our offenders, a command that typically coincides with the call to love our enemies. As difficult as it may be to observe, we... Read More

Helping Couples Live ‘Humanae Vitae’

Humanae Vitae was one of the most controversial encyclicals ever promulgated in the Church. In it, Pope St. Paul...

Ash Wednesday Charts a Course for All of Lent

For many people, Ash Wednesday stands alone at the beginning of Lent with the imposition of blessed ashes. The...



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Finding the Portal to Paradise

The apostle Paul confirms that to follow the narrow gate leads us to the full glory of union with... Read More

Cardinal Newman’s Pursuit of the Truth

One of the great truths of Catholicism is that we are a “both-and” community, as opposed to “either-or.” This... Read More




Five Common Responses to Declining Attendance

Preaching to an empty church in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis was jarring, to say the least.... Read More

Honoring Pope Benedict XVI

Upon hearing of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, I found myself drawn to praying the Office for... Read More



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God’s Team

Catholic Schools Week was always one of my favorite times on the academic calendar as a student. For five... Read More

Walking the Fine Line at Funerals

The adage “I would rather have 10 funerals than one wedding” has been stated by many priests. Countless phone... Read More