An Imperative to Be Healers

Twenty years after the Catholic Church in the United States self-imploded due to a heightened and appalled awareness of the extent of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, we know more:   • It’s not just a... Read More

Allowing Christ to Heal Us from Worry

It is common to let the demands of ministry and personal life take a toll on our interior peace....

An Oxymoronic Church?

St. John Henry Newman is often attributed to the quote, “To live is to change, and to live well...

Combating Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

The summer months can present an important opportunity for pastors to rediscover their passion for ministry. Burnout and compassion...

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Promoting Church Missions

According to the documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole... Read More

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Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance (CMLA) is assisting the Bishops with the three-year Eucharistic Revival. We have developed a... Read More




‘Read the Experiences of Life’

When I was a Catholic high school student, I vividly remember our morality teacher saying, almost like a daily... Read More

Never Enough

I am not a hot-and-humid-weather person, but this year, I look forward to summer more than ever as it... Read More



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Responding to Current Events at Church

More than ever before, we experience major world events collectively. Raw footage and intensely personal stories of victims are... Read More

Tips for Leaders at Appointment Time

When my granddaughter Anna returned from her first day of school, her mother was eager to quiz her. When... Read More