‘Sir, We Would Like to See Jesus’

My first parish assignment as a seminarian was in Anniston, Alabama, a small and sleepy Southern city between Birmingham and Atlanta. Anniston is home to an old and well-established Catholic minority, and they have grown and built a beautiful... Read More

Feedback from the Flock

Every congregation is different. And certainly, every congregation’s response to a given priest’s homily is going to be different....

5 Tips for Preaching to Children

Preaching to children belongs to the work of the priest. In Ars, France, every day in the school called...

Preaching at Weddings

“You are making a 100% commitment to something about which you are 51% sure.” — Albert Camus Many readers...


Forming Strong Preachers

One thing I really enjoy as a priest is greeting the faithful after Mass. It always amazes me how,... Read More

Daily Doses of Humor

When I was a seminarian, I was assigned to a rather large suburban parish for the summer with a... Read More