Administration as Christian Discipleship

Although the words “ministry” and “administration” contain the same root, most pastors have little enthusiasm for the kind of tasks involved in administration. This was the firm conclusion of an extensive national study of Catholic and Protestant pastors done... Read More

The Priest as Servant-Leader

Stereotypes abound. Some pastors are “memo” priests, who send memos to various people on the parish staff at various...

The Pastoral Opportunities of First Communion

The gray, slick cover of this small book brings back memories of an event that radically changed me. A...

Celebrating the Parish Jubilee

The word “jubilee” excites us. It brings to mind occasions of joy, of happiness, a time to commemorate in...


Leaning on Mary

One of my earliest memories is kneeling down with my father as he led my brother and sisters and... Read More

First World Parish Problems

“The Far Side” cartoons always have been a favorite. They make people laugh at themselves or look at the... Read More