The Importance of Having a Parish Pastoral Plan

Why have a parish pastoral plan? “Our parish is doing fine without a plan. Why do we need one?” “What value does the plan add to our parish?” “That’s for a business, not a parish.” These are comments you... Read More

Going Deeper into the Psalms

People often expect the Book of Psalms to be “The Lord is my Shepherd” times 150. As those who...

St. Francis for Today

Last year, I was blessed to accompany a group of pilgrims traveling to the holy sites in Italy, especially...

$100 for God

One Sunday as I stood in the sacristy speaking to the lector and music minister before Mass, a man...


Welcoming the Unchurched

Jesus’ stated mission for the Church is resoundingly clear. The Gospel instructs us to “make disciples of all nations”... Read More

The Wisdom of Newman

Beginnings can be awkward. Even the beginning of one’s priesthood can be unsettling inasmuch as there are so many... Read More